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21st Annual Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools Summer Institute

Registration is now open for Connecticut's 21st Annual Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools Summer Institute!
Check out the new flyer to register.

Successful Inclusion: A Day for Teaching Artists

Teaching Artists in all disciplines and at all stages of their careers are invited to join us July 1st in Boston for a gathering of New England teaching artists offering information, hands-on experiences and a variety of resources you can draw on throughout the year. Utilizing a Universal Design for Learning approach, the day will include presentations by the New England Foundation for the Arts and the Institute for Human Centered Design. Deborah Stuart facilitates the workshop, which covers the challenges of meeting the needs of a diverse range of students, including those with significant disabilities or special learning needs. Learn more and sign up here.

Teaching Artist Training Program

July 7-18, 2014

Lincoln Center Education (the new name of Lincoln Center Institute) is offering a National TA Training. It is not focused on aesthetic education but on teaching artistry writ large, in its broad practice. This summer is the pilot, at reduced cost. Aimed at mid-level-experience future leaders.

Hone your skills. Deepen your experiences


The term /Teaching Artist /was born at Lincoln Center over 40 years ago, and we're proud to introduce our first ever Teaching Artist Training Program. This unique program will provide TAs with the opportunities to hone their skills and deepen their experiences in such fundamental areas as lesson/activity design, facilitation & environment, student engagement, inquiry-based instruction, reflection, and collaborations/partnerships.

*Eligibility: Teaching Artist Training is open to teaching artists across the nation who have at least two years of experience. Admission is competitive and by application only.

*Tuition Fee: Lincoln Center Education believes in investing in the future of teaching artistry by subsidizing a significant portion of training expenses. The total fee for accepted candidates is $500.

*Teaching Artist Certification: *LCE will be launching a two-year Teaching Artist Certification Program in 2015-16 that will include advanced level training, site observations, and personalized consultations. Candidates who successfully complete this summer's two-week training are eligible for admission into the inaugural cohort of next year's TA Certification Program, having only to complete the requirement for the second year of the TA Certification program.