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Teaching Outside the Frame: Expanding Engagement with the Arts

Join the Arts Alliance of Northern NH and partners on Monday, October 6, at the Karl Drerup Art Gallery, for an interactive and eye-opening workshop with Beverly Naidus, whose exhibit, "And Now Behind Curtain #2," examines the stories of individuals struggling to make sense of current economic and political realities while inviting viewers to participate in a game that playfully explores the perils and rewards of activism. In this interactive workshop day, Naidus will lead participants in an exploration of the exhibit that includes hands-on art-making, a walking meditation, and large- and small-group discussions on related topics including engagement with the environment and media literacy. Educators and artists will consider how to apply the day's lessons in their own work in classrooms and in the community and brainstorm connections to the Common Core and the new National Arts Standards. Learn more and register here.

21st Annual Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools Summer Institute

Registration is now open for Connecticut's 21st Annual Higher Order Thinking (HOT) Schools Summer Institute!
Check out the new flyer to register.