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It’s a challenge….Maintaining that tricky balance of keeping an active personal arts making practice in conjunction with teaching and maybe traveling to multiple locations to share the arts experiences we value. And then there’s promoting the work, staying active in performing and exhibiting. And…making a living?


This “winter warm up” gathering will give us time to discuss, share, and brainstorm strategies for achieving the kind of healthy and fulfilling balance we dream of. Whether you’re a teaching artist, an arts educator, a combination of both, or a student headed into the field, this day will enrich and inspire!


The day’s schedule combines workshops, a guided visit of the current gallery exhibit, and an interactive panel discussion led by experienced teaching artists.


Highlights include:

·      “Transcendence of Trees: Memorials and Maquettes”  Gallery Talk with Emile Birch

·      Virtual Versus In-Person Visit: A talk by PSU Professor of Art Education Jason Swift

·      Getting Gigs and Making Work! -- an Interactive Teaching Artist Panel Discussion: Balancing art making and teaching work. How do we market ourselves? What strategies work? What has changed? What tools do we need?


Cost: $10.   Lunch will be provided • Preregistration is required • Professional development certificate available.

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Brave New World, Questions and Answers for Not-Just-Yet-Professional Literary and Visual Artists

This webinar offers tools for individuals who are interested in (or have already been) creating professional level works, but are “stuck” on what must actually happen once the work is finished and needs to find placement in the public market. With modern healthcare creating ever more solutions for individuals with disabilities or chronic illness, these individuals are experiencing better qualities of life. However, these advances have also created a new population where individuals are often too ill to work, but too educated or talented to allow those capabilities to go to waste. Our lead presenter is part of that population and actively seeks ways to help fellow artists make the most of their talents and therefore, their lives.